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We offer the highest quality Ceramic Coatings in Daytona Beach, with the experience and certifications to professionally install them. We have carefully curated a group of Ceramic Coatings ranging from 1 year all the way to 10 years from some of the most trusted and tested Ceramic Coating brands, giving our customers the absolute best in any category of Ceramic Coatings.

What does a ceramic coating protect?

Car Ceramic Coatings

9H Paint Coating

Full strength nano-ceramic coating made specifically for your paint. Protects from UV Damage, Staining, & Chemicals

Trim Coating

Material specific coating that covers all the trim pieces (Plastics, Vinyl, & Rubber) bringing it back to life, and protecting it with Nano-Ceramic technology

Wheel & Caliper Coatings

High heat resistant coating specifically designed for the high wear and tear and temperature that the wheels & the brakes produce 

Glass Ceramic Coating

Nano-Ceramic Coating for Glass providing excellent clarity and hydrophobic properties ensuring a clean Windshield, Side Glass, & Mirrors

Places We apply ceramic coating protection

What is a Ceramic coating?

A Nano-Ceramic Coating is a semi-permanent and extremely durable layer of protection applied to the factory clear coat. The Ceramic Particles bond to the factory clear coat sealing it in and giving it an added layer of protection. Factory Clear coat is around 2H-3H and is susceptible to UV Damage, Chemical Damage & Stains, Bug & Bird Drop Etchings, & Water Spots. A Ceramic Coating can range anywhere between 7H -9H and has extreme durability when compared to the factory clear coat. A Ceramic Coating also gives the surface an extreme water contact angle making it very hydrophobic. This causes contaminants including dirt, water, sand, and other materials that would usually stick to your car are not able to anymore, making it stay clean longer and be easier to clean if something does stick to this surface. 

What are the benefits of a ceramic coating?

9H Ceramic Coating Symbol

Extreme Hardness Rating

Compared to your factory clear coat, a Ceramic Coating will be much more durable and protect the factory finish better

Ceramic Coating Chemical Resistance Ability

Extreme UV Resistance

A Ceramic Coating can protect against UV Rays that over time will break down your clear coat and cause peeling and fading

Permanent Ceramic Coating Protection

Permanent Protection

A Ceramic Coating is not 100% permanent but is the newest and most advanced protection applied and can last upwards of 10 years

Water Resistant & Hydrophobic Coating For Vehicles, Boats, & RVs

Self Cleaning Properties

Due to the extreme contact angle, it is hard to contaminants to stick to the paint, causing rain and water to remove most contaminants

Super Wet Looking Ceramic Coating

Extreme Gloss & Depth

A Ceramic Coating adds depth and gloss to your vehicles finish, and will always look freshly waxed and shiny.

Extreme Chemical Resistant Ceramic Coating

Chemical Resistance

A Ceramic Coating is extremely durable and resistant to chemicals including acid rain, bird droppings, & bug stains

Is a ceramic coating right for your vehicle?

A Ceramic Coating is one of the most advanced forms of protection you can put on your vehicle and it is extremely durable compared to your factory clear coat. That being said it is not invincible and still does require some routine maintenance. Although the coating stays clean longer and is a lot easier to clean when dirty you will still have to wash your vehicle and maintain the coating that has been applied.  A Ceramic Coating will not be scratch proof and it will still stain from bird droppings and bug damage but will last a lot longer and be more resistant than your factory clear coat finish giving you a little more leeway on removing these contaminants, and will be more resistant to scratch and scuffs. Anyone who tells you a Ceramic Coating is scratch resistant or rock chip resistance is not being truthful and transparent, A Ceramic Coating is an amazing addition to a vehicle but it is still susceptible to deep scratches and rock chips. 

Pros of a ceramic coating

Cons of a Ceramic Coating

What is the right ceramic coating for you?

We have spent the last few years applying and testing out multiple coatings from multiple different Ceramic Coating companies in real world situations, and have narrowed down the best preforming and best durability for the price. Whether you plan on keeping your vehicle for 2 years or for 10-20 years we have a coating that will match your expectations and timeline for your vehicle! We love to under promise and over deliver and believe that we are being conservative with the actual duration of the coatings we apply if maintained properly! Some of Ceramic Coating Warranties are reported through CarFax and are transferable if you sell you vehicle! 

What Our Customers Are Saying..

We love working on your vehicles and love hearing feedback from our job! Check out some of our Customer Testimonials below! 

My 2012 Mercedes SLK350 was ceramic coated and looks like it just came off the show room. Dealing with Hank was great no BS all business. I highly recommend having you vehicle care done with this company.
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Steven Leurini
Awesome customer service and they did a great job with the ceramic coating

Hristo Hristov
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