We Have A Hard Working Team of professionally trained and certified detailers to take care of your needs

With W3 Coating’s you can rest assured that every detailer in our shop has been professionally trained and certified and will treat your car as if it was theirs. We do not take shortcuts or use improper methods that will end up damaging your vehicle in the long run! Check out our team below! 

Meet our amazing group of detailers

Since starting in the Detailing Industry as a Mobile Detailing Company we have expanded our team and our facilities to include both mobile detailing as well as a full 2,500 Sqft. shop and store and we’re excited to work with you! Since my brother and I started we have added our third brother into the mix, hence the name W3 Coatings! 

Professional Detailing Shop Owner

Hank Woodward

Owner Operator

I have been in love with cars since my grandpa took me for a ride in his home built drag car somewhere around 6 years old. You can say this job was made for me! I have been in or around the Detailing Industry for 6 years now and love working on and bringing peoples vehicles back to life. My brother and I started this as a Mobile Detailing Company and since have created an amazing group of cars that we have worked on and people we have helped, and can’t wait to get you in to our shop so we can do the same for you!

Certified Professional Paint Restoration Shop
Julian Boutros

Shop Foreman

Julian runs the shop and ensures the quality we stand for is upheld in all detailing services preformed!

Mobile Detailing Specialist
Greg Woodward

Head Detailer

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Eli Woodward

Paint Correction Specialist

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Certified & Professional Detailers in Daytona Beach
Alex Tamang


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Our detailing story

Since starting with a simple Trailer we have grown into our 2,500 Sqft. shop and have been focused on offering the absolute best services we could. We noticed as we we’re starting looking at other detailers and learning “detailing techniques” from “professional” dealership detail bays, a lot of detailers will use less than idea techniques and products to achieve passable results but end up damaging the vehicle over time. We knew from the beginning we we’re not going to do that but do the exact opposite. We have always made a point to stay as educated and as up to date as we could on the newest the Detailing, Ceramic Coatings, & Tinting industry had to offer whether it be new tools, products, or the techniques used. Utilizing the right products and tools we are able to clean your vehicle better than your average detailer and be 100% safe when we do it! Throughout the past 3 years we have undergone multiple trainings and received multiple certifications from Tool Companies, Product Lines, & Ceramic Coating brands that we are proud to show off and offer our customers. 

Certifications & Training Certficates

IDA & International Detailing Association Member

Supporting the detailing Industry as a whole!

Through our time detailing we have met and worked with some amazing detailers. Through the International Detailing Association we are able to get to know some of the biggest shops and companies in the detailing industry and get a first look into what’s going on with the Detailing Industry as a whole and we are excited to continue our journey and continue learning!

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