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Our Paint Correction services utilize the safest and most effective systems in the detailing industry. Our Detailer’s are Trained and Certified with the proper tools, pads, and abrasives!

What are swirls and how do we remove them from your paint?

What are swirls, and what causes them?

Even brand new vehicles right off the showroom floor can come with swirls, but what causes this? When vehicles are painted at the factory little imperfections can slip through the cracks of the quality control system such as dirt nibs, orange peel, or marring from polishing/compounding. Even if a dealership catches a dirt nib most of the time they will take a pneumatic sander and sand the dirt nib out without finishing the paint back to that perfect finish it should be! These vehicles are also transported on open trailers to the dealerships, and then washed at the dealerships when they are put on the lot and before you take your vehicle home, and this can cause swirls and imperfections. One of the things that causes swirls and scratches most is improper washing methods, and most people do not know what these are, and in turn cause marring, swirls, and imperfections in their vehicles clear coat. 

Using a automated car wash or the wrong wash methods will scratch and swirl a vehicle! This process does take more time and attention to detail and is a process compared to driving it through a 3 minute wash, but what is the right washing method to prevent swirls? We use a method called the two-bucket method to try to limit any contaminants in our wash mitts and microfibers before touching them to your vehicles finish. Proper maintenance and washing techniques as well as a solid Ceramic Coating or Sealant can also help limit the coating giving it a protective barrier between the wash mitt or microfibers and the vehicles factory clear coat finish. So what do you do if your vehicle already has swirls or imperfection?

How do we remove swirls and imperfections in your paint?

When getting a vehicle in for one of our Paint Correction, Paint Enhancement, or Swirl Removal Services we always measure the level of the paint. Swirls & Imperfections in your paint will either be in your clear coat level of your paint or be past your clear coat and into the paint or even primer. The general Rule of Thumb when looking at a scratch on your vehicle is if you can feel it with your fingernail then it is usually past your clear coat and Paint Correction will not be able to fix it. When Paint Correction a vehicle, we are slowly removing layers of clear coat to bring forth a clean and imperfection free level of clear coat that can then be protected and maintained. When we begin on a vehicle we will measure the clear coat layer to see how much clear coat we are able to work with when correcting the vehicle, without measuring like some detailers do there is a possibility of burning through the clear coat and ruining the finish entirely. One we have an idea of what we are working with we start test spots to see what the least aggressive combination of pads, speeds, pressure, and abrasive to remove swirls and imperfections while still keeping as much clear coat there as we can, ensuring that there is still repair value to the vehicles paint. Most Factory Clear Coat Finishes are about the size of a post-it note, and can only be compounded or Paint Corrected a couple times before the clear coat is to thin and weak to be corrected again. This is why we always recommend at least a Professional Grade Sealant or a Ceramic Coating to protect that finish once it is corrected. 

Levels of Paint Correction Services

With our Paint Correction Services, we have multiple levels that are tailored for specific vehicle finishes as well as the level of imperfection removal we are going for. With a 1-Step Enhancement & Polish we can remove very little clear coat while taking our around %50 of the imperfection & Swirls in the vehicles finish. A 1-Step Enhancement is perfect for newer vehicles that have mirror surface level imperfections and will increase the depth and gloss level of the paint giving it that wet polished look! The next level is a 2-Step Correction which includes a full Compound & Polish to remove heavier imperfections & scratches, but does remove more clear coat than a polish, this level can remove anywhere between %60-%85 of all imperfections in the clear coat layer depending on the vehicles finish, type of imperfections, and how deep they are! Our most aggressive and deeper correction is our 3-Step correction that utilizes 2 cut stages and 1 polish stage to refine the paint back to a mirror finish, with this level we remove the most clear coat chasing that perfect mirror shine finish and is made for extremely scratches & swirled paint, and you can expect anywhere between %85-%95 of defect removal from the vehicles clear coat layer of course depending the the paint and how deep the imperfection are!

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1-Step Paint Enhancement & Polish in Daytona Beach Florida

A 1-Step Enhancement Polish is perfect for newer vehicles or well taken care of vehicles that have been hand washes and not been taken through an automated car wash. The imperfections this service can remove are usually minor surface imperfections & swirls that are on the top of the Factory Clear Coat level. A 1-Step Paint Correction is often called a Enhancement Polish because it increases the depth and color in the paint surface making the vehicle look deeper and overall shinier. This service is paired great with a Ceramic Coating to protect the finish after and the coating will deepen the gloss levels and protect the finish for years to come, if you are interested in this service or our Ceramic Coating services give us a call to see if it is right for your vehicle. 

2-Step Paint Correction in Daytona Beach Florida

A 2-Step Correction is the perfect service for someone who has heavier imperfection, noticeable swirls, and imperfection in their paint. This service aims to remove %60-%85 of all imperfections in the vehicles clear coat layer. Once corrected and brought back to life protecting is a must to ensure it does not get damaged again. This service is great for used vehicles and vehicles that have been improperly maintained either through a car wash or through improper washing methods for an extended period of time. We love bringing vehicle’s back to better than showroom condition, if this is your vehicle let us know we’d love to work on it!

Before and after effect after car varnish renovation and paint correction

3-Step Paint Correction in Daytona Beach Florida

With a 3-Step Correction we attack the clear coat with a very aggressive compound to remove heavy defects and imperfections. We like to explain this like we are sanding wood, you start aggressive and work your way to refining on the final step. This service is made for older and heavily swirled, scratched paint. The results you can expect on this are going to be as perfect of a finish as we can get without damaging the clear coat or without leaving it to weak when we are done saving the repair value of the vehicles clear coat! Most vehicle will not need this service and a 2-Step paint Correction will sufice in overall clarity and imperfection removal!

What are the benefits of correcting your paint?

Increased Aesthetics & Shine

Removing the dirty and neglected layer of Clear Coat on the surface on your vehicle will increase the depth and shine of the surface. This alone can change the look of your vehicle entirely!

Paint Correction Causes Increased Vehicle Value

Retains Value and Market Price

Fixing the vehicle factory Clear Coat finish can increase the value of your vehicle and help it retain value. When a vehicle is well taken care of and the paint is clean and looks amazing it will bring a higher value.

Paint Longevity is inceased

Removing the old layer of Clear Coat layer that is filled with hard water stains, chemical stains, bird etchings, bug stains, and cracks and swirls decreases the chance of permanent damage from sun or chemicals.

Customer Testimonial

My 2012 Mercedes SLK350 was ceramic coated and looks like it just came off the show room. Dealing with Hank was great no BS all business. I highly recommend having you vehicle care done with this company.
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Steven Leurini
Very professional! Excellent job on my corvette
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Dave Frederick
Previous Paint Correction & Ceramic Coating Customer
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