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Certified and Trained with some of the best quality film in the industry. We offer everything from your normal carbon tint all the way to Ceramic Based IR Tint to give you the ultimate heat rejection! 

Life-Time Warranty Automotive Tint in Daytona Beach Florida

Which Automotive Tint Should I Get?

If you are researching different Tint & Film to figure out which option would work best for you then you have come to the right place. We are the Automotive Tinting Experts in Daytona Beach Florida and we can guide you to the right film for your specific needs! 

What are the different types of window tint film?

  • Factory Privacy Glass (Standard) – This is the standard “Window Tint” that comes from the factory when the vehicle is produced. Although this is not considered film in the traditional sense, but is rather a dye that is infused into the window at the factory to simply darken the window. It is usually found on the back windows and the rear window not the driver windows, and it’s ultimate purpose is to give the vehicle a level of security and “Privacy,” rather than heat rejection and UV blocking
  • Dyed Window Film (Good) – This type of Window Tint is basically the same as the factory “privacy glass,” as it is film that is dyed to darker the shade giving a sense of privacy on the interior of the vehicle. This type of tint lacks the heat rejection, glare rejection, and is unable to block UVA and UVB rays from entering the interior of your vehicle. This is a great option for someone who does not particularly care for any heat rejection or UVA and UVB rejection but is simple concerned about the overall look of the vehicle as well as the privacy on the interior of the vehicle. 
  • Metalized Film (Better) – Metalized Window Tinting Film reflects heat rather than absorbing it. It does this because it is made up with metal microparticles that reflect the sunlight and give it a reflective and shiny look that some prefer over your standard flat dark windows. Metalized Window Film also is very durable and scratch resistant which will give your windows extra strength reducing the chances of it shattering in an accident or when getting broken into.  One thing that someone should take into consideration when going with this type of Window Tint Film is the fact that it will sometimes interfere with GPS and/or Radio signals because of its material make-up.
  • Carbon Film (Better) – Carbone Window Tint Film is make up of carbon fiber particles and are more effecting than standard “privacy glass,” or dyed Window Tint Film at reducing heat on the interior of your vehicle. Carbon Window Tint Film has been proven to lower the internal temperature of your vehicle by %40.  This film is a little bit more expensive than your traditional films but is an overall better option because it will not fade over time. Carbon Window Tint also has a matte finish compared to the reflective finish on a Metalized Window Tint, which most prefer when choosing a Window Tint finish for their vehicles. 
  • Ceramic IR Film (Best) – One of the most popular and effective Window Tint, and is make up of Ceramic Nano-Particles that do not conduct heat. Ceramic IR Window Tint Film can block 99.9% of UVA and UVB rays reducing almost all the potential for health problems that can arise from over exposer to the suns harmful rays, especially if you are in your vehicle often. Ceramic IR Window Tint will also filter 96& of infrared heat, and some of the other added benefits for Ceramic IR Window Film is reduced glare, matte finish, heat rejection, and it is metal-free and will not interfere with any GPS, Radio, or any other  long wavelength signals. 

What Window Tint film do we offer?

Here at W3 Coatings, we only offer what we believe to be the best quality Film. Certified and Trained with some of the bets Detailing & Window Tint companies like Ceramic Pro. Because we have attended specific trainings and received certifications to install these types of Window Film we are able to offer a Life-Time Warranty on all Window Tint Film that leaves our shop, and this Warranty is transferable! That being said we offer Carbon Window Tint Film & Ceramic IR Window Tint Film, giving the best of both sides of Window Tint. The Ceramic IR based Window Tint has the best heat rejection and UVA and UVB protection, and the Carbon is the best budget option that also reject heats and can be purchased in any shade! 

What Shades of Carbon Window Tint do we offer in daytona beach Florida?

Ceramic Pro Carbon CS Window Tint Film Installer Daytona Beach Florida

What Shades of Ceramic IR Window Tint do we offer in daytona beach Florida?

Ceramic Pro Ceramic IR Window Tint Film Installer in Daytona Beach Florida

Revolutionary Window Tint Technology

Decreased Internal Temperature

Carbon & Ceramic IR Window Tint Film decrease the temperature on the Interior of your vehicle giving you the ultimate comfort level inside your cabin

Extreme UVA/UVB Protection

Tinting your Windows can sheild you and the Interior of your Vehicle from harmful UVA and UVB rays which can help reduce health concerns

Increased Security & Protection

Offering Window Tint in multiple shades for Carbon & Ceramic IR Film we can offer an added sense of Privacy. It also strengthens the window and can resist shattering

Life-Time Warranty

We are one of the only companies that offer a Life-Time Transferable Warranty on all of the Window Tint Film that we install!

Zero Signal Interference

Radio, GPS, & Bluetooth signals will not be interfered with due to metallic substances in the Window Tint.

Increased Aesthetics

Applying Window Tint to your vehicle can increase the value because it is visually pleasing.

What makes our Ceramic Window Tint Better?

We utilize some of the best technology in the detailing & window tinting industry to bring our customers the absolute best quality Window Tinting Film as well as the best in the industry warranty. We stand behind our service and the products we offer giving all of our window tint a lifetime warranty that is easily transferable if you sell the vehicle! Utilizing advanced Nano-Ceramic technology we offer the best in heat rejection & thermal conductivity and overall quality with no metals used to reflect the heat which can interfere with radio and gps signals.

What Our Customers Are Saying..

We love working on your vehicles and love hearing feedback from our job! Check out some of our Customer Testimonials below! 

My 2012 Mercedes SLK350 was ceramic coated and looks like it just came off the show room. Dealing with Hank was great no BS all business. I highly recommend having you vehicle care done with this company.
Automotive Tinting Shop Daytona Beach Florida
Steven Leurini
Awesome customer service and they did a great job with the ceramic coating

Hristo Hristov
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